I BELIEVE Project Recipients

For 2017, I selected Tessa, a 29-year-old woman currently receiving treatment for ovarian cancer; and, Mary, a 26-year-old woman working to understand her depression/anxiety. Tessa’s session was held in early February 2017 and can be read here; Mary’s session was held in July 2017 and can be read here.

Featured Movie: Tessa’s Moving Portrait

2016’s I BELIEVE Project Recipients

Rylie, 2016

Rylie was born physically male but has always identified herself as female. Read her story HERE.

2015’s I BELIEVE Project Recipients

Shannon Hemauer and her team have had the privilege of working with some of the most amazing women. Below are their reveal movies and stories.

Victoria, 2015

Victoria was just 27 years old when she found out she had Stage 3 breast cancer. You can read the full story HERE.

Diana, 2015

Diana is a two-time breast cancer survivor. You can read the full story HERE.

2014’s I BELIEVE Project Recipient

Holly, 2014

Holly is the first recipient of the I BELIVE Project and was diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer at the age of 34. You can read the full story HERE, as well as see her second session she did two years later HERE.

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