Here is a fun fact: I’ve had more clients named “Jess/Jessica” than any other name! This fact really doesn’t mean anything—I just enjoying looking at these sort of things…

Anyway…onto Jess’s client interview…

Jess contacted me because she wanted to do something fun for her husband. But she also wanted to do this for herself! All of the images from her session are taken at the new Carlisle studio!

The “Wall of Me,” as Jess lovingly calls her Reveal Wall in her Client Interview, is how I show all of my clients their portraits if their reveal is at the Carlisle Studio. There is something truly magical walking up the staircase to the studio, rounding the corner, and coming face-to-face with your matted portraits displayed so grandeur!

Please read on to see her images and her response to my questions.

How long have you been wanting to do a boudoir/contemporary glamour session and what made you decide now was the time to do one?
I have actually wanted to do a boudoir session for a really long time. After two kids and being married for 6 years I just said now was the time. I wanted to do something for me mostly but for him too. 

Contemporary Glamour Shannon Hemauer Photography Mechanicsburg, PA
Contemporary Glamour | Shannon Hemauer Photography

What made you decide Shannon Hemauer was the photographer to work with to do your boudoir/contemporary glamour session?
I saw a post from her on Facebook and I looked through her page and messaged her to get some info. We had a phone conversation to go over everything, if I had any questions and Shannon made me feel comfortable just over the conversation. I felt like she would understand what I wanted and what I wanted to cover up to make me happy.

Boudoir Shannon Hemauer Photography Dover, PA
Boudoir | Shannon Hemauer Photography

What was your favorite part out of the entire experience? The planning, the session, the reveal?
That is so hard to choose! I would say the session and the reveal are pretty much tied. Session day was so fun—I haven’t laughed that hard is awhile. It felt like I was spending the morning with a bunch of girlfriends. The reveal was amazing, walking up and seeing the “Wall of Me,” left me speechless.

Reveal wall Shannon Hemauer Photography
“Wall of Me” | Shannon Hemauer Photography
Boudoir | Shannon Hemauer Photography Carlisle, PA
Boudoir | Shannon Hemauer Photography

What did you think when you saw that first image of yourself?
I couldn’t believe is was me! As a mom, I don’t get to dress up and do my makeup that well very often. I looked amazing, and I was speechless.

Boudoir | Shannon Hemauer Photography Hershey, PA
Boudoir | Shannon Hemauer Photography

How did shooting this session with Shannon Hemauer change your outlook on yourself? Are you more confident?
Shannon made me feel like this mamma still got it! 

Boudoir | Shannon Hemauer Photography Hershey, PA
Boudoir | Shannon Hemauer Photography

Before this experience, did you feel you were photogenic?
With my previous job I was  use to being in front of the camera.

Contemporary Glamour Dillsburg PA Shannon Hemauer Photography
Contemporary Glamour | Shannon Hemauer Photography

Before this experience, what concerns did you have in regards to hiring a photographer?
I didn’t want to find someone that was pushy or didn’t give much direction.

Boudoir | Shannon Hemauer Photography Hershey, PA
Boudoir | Shannon Hemauer Photography

Were you surprised at how much fun you had planning your session, shooting your session, and seeing your images?
I don’t like to plan things and Shannon really helped out with that part. She wasn’t mad or pushy with me making my choices and when I didn’t know she helped me come to a decision. Session day was so much fun, you forgot all about not having any clothes on and there’s not everyday you get a day dedicated to you for your reveal.

Boudoir | Shannon Hemauer Photography Lancaster, PA
Boudoir | Shannon Hemauer Photography

Why should other women do a boudoir/ contemporary glamour session with Shannon Hemauer Photography?
The images speak for themselves.  More importantly, Shannon and her team are amazing on top of her photography work. There is no judging and she captures your emotion you want to portray perfectly. She makes sure all your concerns are met and that you feel beautiful in your own skin. If you chose her, you would not regret it!

Contemporary Glamour | Shannon Hemauer Photography Mechanicsburg, PA
Contemporary Glamour | Shannon Hemauer Photography

A big thank you to professional hair/makeup artist, Makeup by Ashley, for helping Jess feel amazing that day!

Did you relate to Jess’s answers…but thinking you aren’t “brave enough” to do a boudoir session? I assure it it has more with feeling safe and comfortable with the photographer you choose. Contact me today so we can start that process.

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    You did it again Shannon !!! These are BEAUTIFUL !!!! Sometime my day will come.
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