In case you’ve been wondering why I haven’t posted since August 19th, it’s because I’m happy to announce I was busy getting the new Carlisle studio furnished and ready to open on September 1st.

While the past three years shooting at my home have been rewarding, I’m truly in love with my new studio space. The studio is the entire third floor of the house, there is a dedicated hair/makeup station, a changing area, a coffee/tea/hot chocolate bar, and the floors are original to the 1860’s home. It’s a warm and airy space and I’m excited to see what art I’ll create there.

Hemauer Carlisle Studio
Carlisle Studio | Shannon Hemauer Photography

So! Enough about that! Let’s chat about Kim.

I have for a very long time wanted to photograph a ballerina, and Kim offered me that chance!


Kim got married this past March and hadn’t had a chance to do a boudoir session for her now-husband before their wedding, so shortly after saying I DO, she reached out to me because she decided boudoir portraits would be a great 30th birthday present to her hubby.

During the planning process for her boudoir session, somehow it came up she used to do ballet—after I stopped jumping up and down with excitement, I asked her if she’d pose for a few shots for me wearing her Pointe shoes. EEK! She said yes!

Below is her client questionnaire, with of course images from her session. Please take a moment to look through and read what she wrote—you may just relate to what she said.

How long have you been wanting to do a boudoir session and what made you decide now was the time to do one?
I have been researching boudoir shoots for about 6 months before I booked with Shannon. I found the idea while I was planning my wedding since it’s a popular groom’s gift but originally I wanted to do the shoot for myself. I wanted to prove to myself that I could look as good as the models I see in magazines. It wasn’t until later that it morphed into a wedding/birthday gift for my husband.

Boudoir | Shannon Hemauer Photography Carlisle, PA
Boudoir | Shannon Hemauer Photography

What made you decide Shannon Hemauer was the photographer to work with to do your boudoir session?
I booked Shannon for a few reasons. The first was her professionalism. She happened to be one that conducted herself in a professional manner. She responded to my messages in a timely fashion and was quite thorough in all explanations. To add to that, she also prided herself on building a relationship with me throughout the entire process. Even though I wasn’t her only client, she treated me as I was. She was with me the whole way, planning every little detail. By the time the shoot happened, I felt ready and like we had known each other for years. The second reason was because Shannon and her crew are an all-female company. Personally that was important for me since I was never one to be absolutely comfortable with my body. She gave good tips on how to know my body style and how to dress to flatter my shape. 

Boudoir and contemporary glamour portrait photography Shannon Hemauer Carlisle PA
Contemporary Glamour | Shannon Hemauer Photography

What was your favorite part out of the entire experience? The planning, the session, the reveal?
I loved all three but when I look back, the reveal was my favorite. Walking in and seeing my images displayed was surreal. I had no idea that I could look so good. Even though I was there [at the session], seeing the reveal movie of the behind the scenes was so much fun. 

Bridal Boudoir | Shannon Hemauer Photography Mechanicsburg, PA
Bridal Boudoir | Shannon Hemauer Photography

What did you think when you saw that first image of yourself?
“Damn, I look good!” Haha. I loved the photos and I’m having a hard time not looking at them. I feel a little self-centered but Shannon did an amazing job at making me look and feel good from day one.

Bridal Boudoir | Shannon Hemauer Photography Carlisle, PA
Bridal Boudoir | Shannon Hemauer Photography

How did shooting this session with Shannon Hemauer change your outlook on yourself? Are you more confident?
Oh yeah. I definitely have confidence after the photos. I most certainly think differently of myself in a good way. I never thought I’d show these photos to anyone other than my husband but I wouldn’t mind at all showing off what I got. [NOTE FROM SHANNON: All images are shown with written permission. All clients get to decide which, if any, are shown publicly.]

Boudoir | Shannon Hemauer Photography Harrisburg, PA
Boudoir | Shannon Hemauer Photography

Before this experience, did you feel you were photogenic? If no, do you feel you are photogenic now?
I didn’t feel photogenic at all. It would take several shots of myself before I would even like one. Most of all I never liked the way I smiled but after Shannon’s skills, I think of myself in a beautiful way. She didn’t take 100 shots [of one pose] and get 1 good one. She shot 1 or 2 and got these amazing images. It makes me realize that before it wasn’t me or my body, it’s the pose, the lighting, etc. So I no longer think of myself as not photogenic. 

Dance Ballet Photography Shannon Hemauer Photography Carlisle PA
Ballet | Shannon Hemauer Photography

Before this experience, what concerns did you have in regards to hiring a photographer?
I was worried I would lose myself in these photos. I don’t see myself in a sexy manner so I thought they wouldn’t show my personality, that I wouldn’t shine through. But after seeing them, I realized that Shannon was able to make the photos about me. Even though it’s not how I see myself, you can still find my personality in each photo.

Bridal Boudoir | Shannon Hemauer Photography Hershey, PA
Bridal Boudoir | Shannon Hemauer Photography

Were you surprised at how much fun you had planning your session, shooting your session, and seeing your images?
Yes, for sure!! I was very nervous during my shoot. I kept thinking I wasn’t going to like these and I worried the whole process would make me feel bad about my body. It did the exact opposite. Seeing these images made me glow. And since it was a surprise for my husband, watching his face light up at the images made me feel like a million dollars. It was worth all the planning and anxiety on my part.

Contemporary Glamour | Shannon Hemauer Photography Wellsville, PA
Contemporary Glamour | Shannon Hemauer Photography

Why should other women do a boudoir/contemporary glamour session with Shannon Hemauer Photography?
I would recommend Shannon for anyone considering boudoir/contemporary glamour photos. Stated before, Shannon treats you like a queen from day one. She takes the time to make you feel comfortable. It’s not natural for the every-day-woman to dress like this, let alone have a stranger take photos of them half-naked but Shannon creates that friendship so it’s easier and you’re more comfortable. Also, the value is unbeatable. I knew what I was getting but on the reveal day when I had everything in my hands, I couldn’t believe I was walking away with all of this! The product is high quality. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Boudoir | Shannon Hemauer Photography Mechanicsburg, PA
Boudoir | Shannon Hemauer Photography

As always, a big thank you to (newlywed) lead stylist, Nath Mao, for doing a wonderful job on Kim’s hair/makeup.

Boudoir and Contemporary Glamour | Shannon Hemauer Photography Carlisle PA
Before & After | Shannon Hemauer Photography

Can you relate? If yes, please contact me today to schedule your consult. I have only THREE session dates available for the rest of 2017!

Until next time,


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