“Millie” (not her real name) did her boudoir session six months after her wedding. She found doing the photo shoot after her wedding was less stressful plus gave her something to look forward to once the wedding day had come and gone.

During the planning process she mentioned to me her husband plays the piano and we wracked our brains on how we could incorporate his love of music into her session—she came up with the idea of holding sheet music to the song they danced to at their wedding, Brad Paisley’s “Then”! I SO love that song (pretty much any song Brad sings) and it was fun trying to figure out how to make sheet music look “sexy”! ūüôā

Below you’ll find Millie’s client interview–please take moment to read through her answers and if you can relate to how she was feeling, please contact me¬†today to schedule your consult.

How long have you been wanting to do a boudoir session and what made you decide now was the time to do one?
I had thought about doing a session as a wedding gift; however, planning a wedding is stressful enough so I decided against it. I then saw Shannon’s page, “liked” it on Facebook, and decided to take a look at her website. The pictures were very tastefully done. I made the decision then to contact her and get more information—the wedding was over and we were settled into a house together.

Bridal Boudoir Carlisle PA Shannon Hemauer Photography
Bridal Boudoir | Shannon Hemauer Photography

What made you decide Shannon Hemauer was the photographer to work with to do your boudoir session?
I choose Shannon because her website depicted very tasteful boudior photos. This was something I choose to do for my husband, but I didn’t want the pictures to be extremely revealing or not tasteful. I wanted the pictures to make me feel good about myself and my husband feel good about the women he married.¬†

What was your favorite part out of the entire experience? The planning, the session, the reveal?
I enjoyed the planning and the session. The experience was overall a great experience!

What did you think when you saw that first image of yourself?
I was honestly shocked at how well the photos turned out at the reveal. I did not plan on liking nearly as many of the pictures as I did!

Boudoir Lancaster PA Shannon Hemauer Photography
Boudoir | Shannon Hemauer Photography

How did shooting this session with Shannon Hemauer change your outlook on yourself? Are you more confident?
Made me think about how other people, including my husband, looked at me! I am very critical of myself and they way I look—very self-conscious, and seeing the final product made me think “OK, maybe this is how my husband views me rather than the way I view myself.”¬†

Before this experience, did you feel you were photogenic? If no, do you feel you are photogenic now?
I did not feel like I was very photogenic. (See answer to previous question) The photos turned out better than I every expected, and they made me feel beautiful.

Before this experience, what concerns did you have in regards to hiring a photographer?
I needed a photographer who I felt comfortable with. Having boudoir photos taken is something that is very much out of my comfort zone, so finding someone I felt comfortable with and someone who would help me through the process was important. And again, a photographer who was going to take tasteful boudoir pictures. 

Boudoir | Shannon Hemauer Photography
Boudoir | Shannon Hemauer Photography

Were you surprised at how much fun you had planning your session, shooting your session, and seeing your images?
Yes, I thought the session might be awkward since this experience was something out of my comfort zone; however, Shannon was very responsive to my questions and concerns and made me feel comfortable. At the session I was so focused on trying to follow her directions to pose properly that I kind of forgot that I was nervous. 

Why should other women do a boudoir/contemporary glamour session with Shannon Hemauer Photography?
The photos are just a great way to showcase how beautiful you are as a women! For me personally, partaking in this experience was something that took my out of my comfort zone (which was extremely nerve wracking) but in the end made me question how I viewed myself. The fact that I saw the pictures and thought “Wow, that’s me! I can look beautiful! Maybe this is how my husband and other people view me,” was well worth the experience.

Boudoir Hershey PA Shannon Hemauer Photography
Boudoir | Shannon Hemauer Photography

Are you ready to see yourself as your husband or boyfriend sees you? Contact me today to schedule your consult to discuss how you envision your session.

Thank you to Ashley Becker for doing a wonderful job on Millie’s hair and makeup! I know you cannot see her hair/makeup in these photos, but trust me—it looked great!

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