Wondering what the difference is between a contemporary glamour portrait session and a boudoir session? Curious what a Glam the Dress session is all about? The sessions are defined below for you.

All sessions include professional hair and makeup.

Boudoir Portrait Session

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Boudoir clients are partly clothed or in lingerie, with nudity often implied by using posing, clothing, and lighting to achieve the desired results.

Many brides love surprising grooms with their images on or before their wedding day. Other motivation or inspiration for a boudoir session often include anniversaries, divorce, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, weight loss, other form of body change or alteration (such as breast augmentation or reduction), and of significant others of deployed military members.

And don’t think boudoir is only for women who are size 4—voluptuous women deserve to take ownership of their shapely bodies and celebrate their curves. With well-fitting clothing, posing, use of lighting and playing with shadows, curvy girls can achieve flattering images of themselves.

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Boudoir | Shannon Hemauer Photography

Contemporary Glamour Portrait Sessions

This is not the 1990’s version of glamour! Think LBD, think tulle skirts, think fabulous blouse paired with a great pair of butt-hugging jeans.  The possibilities are truly endless with options and the resulting images of yourself are amazing.

Most contemporary glamour portrait sessions are done by yourself, but have you considered doing a session with your best friend, or make is a generations session and include your mom, and/or sister(s)? Make it a fun Girls’ Day, where everyone in your group has fantastic pictures taken individually, and then—of course—with one another.

Each session, while based around wearing fabulous outfits, all offer their own unique feel and look for your images.

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Mother/Daughter Sessions | Shannon Hemauer Photography

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