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This coming Sunday I’m meeting Miss M. for her in-person consult and I asked her to fill out a client questionnaire that I created to help start the creative dialogue between us. Like many other wives, Miss M. decided to do a boudoir session as a surprise to her husband, and just like ALL of the women I’ve worked with, she is realizing this experience has surpassed just the need for images, but is about shedding inhibitions and just letting go.

I loved one of her questionnaire answers and wanted to share with my followers.

Is there anything else you want me to know?

I’m very excited about this process and also quite nervous. At first I was just looking at the photo shoot as the means to the end (getting the photos), but then I started realizing that it is an opportunity for me to let go, have fun, and shed some inhibitions. I like your way of helping your clients get prepared and I’m looking forward to the process.

Looking at our shared Pintrest inspiration board, I can already see the evolution she’s going through, with her first few pins being of women covered by sheets or sheer fabric with a flirty essence to them, to the most recent images of women gracefully topless who command the viewer’s attention not in a pornagraphic way but because they are a woman who should be seen. I believe Miss M. is a combination of both and I cannot wait for her in-person consult so we can talk at length on all of this, strengthen our game plan, and rock her session next month.

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