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Shannon was very professional. She and her team made me feel at ease. I am usually not very good about being dolled up and the center of attention, but they made me feel much better about it. And the pictures turned out great!

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Going into my boudoir shoot with Shannon I was comfortable with Shannon and the idea of it but nervous about the outfits and having myself very exposed. My fiancé helped play a role in picking out my outfits for the shoot and of course he picked a one-suit type outfit that had no cups for the boobs! SO I would be hanging out - it was daring but I knew he would love it and I wanted to be brave for him. I was able to express my thoughts and feelings with Shannon and she was able to help me feel comfortable with everything.

We laughed and giggled and smiled throughout the shoot and even were singing to help me feel less nervous. Honestly the actual photo shoot was a blur and went by very fast but at my reveal I was able to see the product of my nerves and I was amazed!! I got teary-eyed watching my reveal video and felt so powerful and beautiful. I catch myself watching the video whenever I feel nervous and "not strong" about myself and that helps me a lot. I love the photos and look forward to sharing them with my fiancé.

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When our daughter came to us and said that she was in fact a girl born into the wrong body (assigned male at birth), I knew life would take us places we never imagined. To say I was giddy with excitement would be a lie. I was scared, terrified really, of how the world would treat my precious child. Was it hard to wrap my head around the fact that I had two daughters instead of a son and a daughter, yes! But my most difficult struggle was fear. How would the world accept her? Would she be happy? Would she be able to find a loving partner? Would she ever be in danger? I knew at that time she was in danger. She was in a severe depression. Trapped in a body and a reality for 13 years she did not want.

As we started to tell family and friends, the most amazing thing happened. Almost everyone embraced us with open arms. Especially my husband's family. That's where Shannon comes in. Of all the aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. (mu husband's family is huge), Shannon was the first to email us and express her whole-hearted support. I had maybe met her once and certainly never had a serious conversation with her. But she reached out to us immediately. Soon after she offered to photograph her if we were ever in Pennsylvania. And then she approached us and said she wanted Rylie to be the recipient of the I Believe Project photo shoot. From the first chats on Messenger she was nothing but loving and supportive. She made everything easy. The day of the photo shoot I saw something in Rylie I had not seen before. CONFIDENCE. Confidence in who she was.......a beautiful young WOMAN.

The gift Shannon gave to Rylie and our family is bigger than I can put in words. I am forever grateful. Thank you is not enough. Our whole family, but especially Rylie, will hold a special place in our hearts for Shannon forever.

Ashley Becker   
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Shannon is one of the best boudoir/ glamour photographers in Central, PA. As a hair and makeup artist I have worked with many photographers & Shannon outshines most of them by far! She is extremely organized and keeps track of every little detail involving her clients. This allows her to dedicate her time & focus with the clients on the day of the photoshoot. I should also mention that she has a fun, bubbly personality which makes all her clients feel comfortable in their own skin while shooting.

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I had an amazing experience with Shannon. I had a boudoir photo shoot on my bucket list. I started to look into local photographers and discovered Shannon's page. Out of the multiple sites I saw, Shannon's was the most inviting and once we talked I was convinced she would do my pictures. Shannon is great. She is inviting, comforting, supportive and great at what she does. I LOVE my photos. I didn't even recognize myself. It was just amazing. Can't wait to do it again one day!!

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